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Russian Clients Visit MAXIZM Company

On December 8th, 2023, my Russian clients came to Qingdao and I went to airport to pick up them. The same day we went to our office together and had a short meeting. During the meeting, I showed them a brief introduction of our EONMAC Group and our MAXIZM branch, and also machines


Algerian Client Visit MAXIZM Company

On Nov. 21st, 2023, my Algeria customer payed me a visit to our Qingdao company. I introduced the company's main products. Since it was late and the customer was tired from traveling, he decided to discuss it the next morning. After dinner, he helped the customer book a hotel and


Azerbaijan Clients Visit MAXIZM Company

On November 6th,2023,my Azerbaijan client came to Qingdao and contacted with me that he said he want to have a visit for our Maxizm company.A pump truck customer who had done business before learned that the customer was coming to China at the end of last month. He immediately inq


Hong Kong Client Visit SEM Factory and MAXIZM Company

On September 8th, 2023, my Hongkong customer came to Weifang to had a meeting with me. We went to SEM factory together in Qingzhou by taxi. Arrive at factory, SEM worker drive wheel loader to show its function, and clients also confirm many details and shoot many videos and photos,


South Korea Client Visited MAXIZM Office

On August 24th, 2023, my South Korea customer came to Qingdao and had a meeting with me. I had a brief introduction of our company business and machines we exported. He is satisfied with our company. After meeting, we went to XCMG factory together. We visited XCMG road machinery f


Russia Client Visited MAXIZM Office

On June 5th, 2023, my Russian client and his friend came to Qingdao and I helped them choose a comfortable hotel and tasty dinner. On the 6th, they came to our MAXIZM office and we had a delightful meeting. During the meeting, I briefly introduced our EONMAC Group, our MAXIZM bra


Malaysia Cilent Visited MAXIZM Office

On April 20th, 2023, the customer from Malaysia visited MAXIZM company. We showed the company's strength and product catalog to the customer. He was very interested in some products, so we quoted the price and showed the parameters. The customer gave a detailed introduction to the


Russia Customers Visited MAXIZM Office and XCMG Factory

On April 19th, 2023, our clients from Russia came to Xuzhou, China. The client is a trader who sells spare parts and other machine to the end customer. We visited XCMG factory together and checked the XDA45 and XDA45U. They took many photos and videos of XCMG mining dump truck and


French Polynesia Customer Visited CHYG Factory for Semi Trailer

On March 14th, 2023, one of our French Polynesia clients arrived in Jining, China. We visited CHYG factory and checked the low bed semi trailer. Firstly, we took the customer to visit the parking place in the factory. After discussing the feasibility of his customization requiremen


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